Math Circle

Math Circle is a team of mathematicians and educators who aim to engage high school students in higher level mathematics through math programs in the summer and throughout the school year.

Summer Programs

at LSU and Emory

Since 2006, Math Circle holds month-long math summer camps at multiple universities around the US, geared toward incoming 9th-12th graders. Math Circle summer programs introduce high school students to the complex world of university mathematics by immersing them in a "math playground" of hands-on lessons and activities. To learn more, click here or apply below.

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Math Circle Competition Team

at Louisiana State University

Since 2012, the Math Circle Competition Team (MCCT) meets weekly to practice for national-level mathematics competitions including the Harvard-MIT Math Tournament (HMMT), the Berkeley Math Tournament (BMT), and the American Regions Mathematics League (ARML) Competition. Click here for more information or to join the team.

AP Calculus Day

at Louisiana State University

Math Circle's other outreach activities include AP Calculus Practice Test Days, which are free to local high school students and offer a chance to practice under test-day conditions for both the Calculus AB and BC Advanced Placement tests. Click here to find out more or to register.